Why Advanced Management Programme (AMP) is the ideal learning environment to rethink growth strategies for senior business leaders

A senior executive’s role is much more complicated today than it was a decade ago — and it will increasingly become complicated, especially if you aspire to become a global player. Industry dynamics are changing at a rate and unexpected new disruptors emerge in a globalised business environment, who make life harder for the senior executives.

In the business context of the 21st century, leaders need to become more Decisive, Adaptive and Mindful than ever. The Advanced Management Programme (AMP), a unique executive education programme for senior business leaders, is designed to provide senior business leaders with insights on Decisiveness, Adaptiveness and Mindfulness, which are essential for them to succeed in the digital age. 


Disconnect with your routine and connect with your mind for growth

AMP is designed to give you the space to step away from the daily grind of business demands, rethink becoming a mindful leader and focus on crafting a robust growth strategy for your business.


 Synchronised three weeks of learning to drive your business to the next growth phase and value creation.  

  • Week One

Understanding yourself, purpose and leadership through Mindfulness and Awareness. Integrate your organisational strategy into your leadership at three levels (Personal, Team and Organisation).

Business climate is increasingly complex and volatile and leaders are required to make decisions in uncertainty. As leaders it is crucial to be mindful in order to navigate through the demanding, disruptive and complex business landscape of the 21st century. In this context, leaders tend to rely more on their judgement than models and frameworks. During the first week of AMP, we look at ways to understand your mind, how you are internally wired and how it affects you as a leader. By the end of the session, you will be equipped with practical tools which can be applied immediately to your work and life.

You will wind up the week with an experiential learning activity using NASA Columbia Shuttle simulation which is designed to help astronauts make critical decisions in highly uncertain environments.

The week also covers: Fireside leadership chat, One on one leadership coaching and Leadership journey mapping.


  • Week Two

Turbo-charge your growth towards your next big idea. Drive growth, create value and execute your strategy with Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Disruptors, Startups and Innovators are changing the way businesses operate. This has made innovation an essential driver to increase economic profit in any organisation. 

You will kick off the second week of AMP with your next big idea. The faculty will work with you on bringing your big idea into reality, by helping you to understand an Innovator’s mindset, Mega trends and Technology advancements, Design thinking, Business model innovation and Value proposition design. Finally, you will be stress tested on how your corporate strategy could be aligned with innovation and executed.

The week also covers: Discussions on mapping your customers and Understanding the impact of customer choice. 


  • Week Three

Connect, Influence and Complete your ideas with numbers. Finance acumen, Strategic negotiation and Decision making at the top.

Business is a numbers game. You could have the next great idea and the best execution plan. However, creating real tangible value out of these is a massive challenge for any business leader.

During the final week of AMP, you will be exposed to areas such as, Creating value through investment decision making, Negotiation with key stake-holders and how to make impactful business decisions amidst complexity. 

The week also covers: Advanced investment decision making, ROI appraisal, Strategic negotiation role-plays/ simulations and Impact measurement.


World class faculty: Work with leading management thinkers across the world.  

AMP integrates unique faculty of internationally renowned educators teaching at the world’s leading business schools and advising the top management of many Fortune 500 companies.

Prof. Sudhanshu Palsule: Programme Director, Cambridge University, Prof. Susan Lynch: Adjunct Professor, Strategy – INSEAD, Prof. Marwan Sinaceur: Professor at ESSEC, previously at INSEAD, (Ph.D at Stanford), Prof. Ruth Bender: Professor, Corporate Finance - Cranfield University, Dr. Edward Rodgers: Visiting Faculty at Indian School of Business – Chief Knowledge Officer at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, David Charron: Faculty, Entrepreneurship & Innovation - UC Berkeley – Haas and Chris Coleridge: Senior Faculty in Management Practice - Cambridge Judge Business School, Director of the Cambridge Judge Launchpad

In addition to these faculties, you will be exposed to insights from Prof. Megan Reitz and Prof. Michael Chaskalson, who are teaching at the Ashridge Hult business school and under the prestigious ‘Thinkers 50 radar’. They are renowned for their acumen and experience in the pedagogy of senior leadership.


Different perspectives, learning with leading business minds in Sri Lanka  

During the course of AMP, you will validate your ideas, test your paradigms, have your ideas challenged by likeminded peers, and broaden your horizons in this inspirational leadership journey. These three weeks of learning will provide you the ideal platform to network with the elite set of seasoned business leaders.

Similarly, you will benefit from gaining strategic insights to validate your business ideas with a world class faculty.


Personalised Transformational journey: one on one coaching, assessments all the way.  

AMP is more than just a residential executive education programme. You will go through structured one on one coaching sessions during the three weeks, with an experienced coach/faculty. These sessions will be based on an online leadership assessment report, which you would be required to complete before the programme begins. This ensures quality conversations between the participant and the coach/faculty. 

Keeping in mind the above facts, the AMP is the most suitable gathering for growth oriented senior business leaders to transcend their businesses.


You may contact 0770552524 or nuwan.dishan@lk.pwc.com for further details. (Class size 25)

Subject area: Leadership