PwC’s Academy Sri Lanka to kick off 2019 with high impact executive programme featuring world renowned scholar Prof. Mohanbir Sawhney

With disruption and innovation taking over the business world, there has become an increasing need for home grown companies and their leadership to stay ahead of the curve by driving their organisations towards profitable growth, all while taking advantage of the global market and it’s emerging opportunities.


Growing revenue and profits is a core objective of most companies, and it is the responsibility of every function to contribute to the pursuit of this goal. Yet, in recent years, technology startups have embraced a new role, Growth Manager — alternatively Growth Hacker, Growth PM, or Head of Growth — that focuses on it exclusively. By viewing product development and marketing as integrated functions, leading tech companies like Facebook and Pinterest are rethinking their approach of driving growth and achieving breakthrough results.


The Growth Manager function typically lives at the intersection of Marketing and Product Development, and is focused on Customer and User Acquisition, Activation, Retention, and Upsell. They work cross-functionally with Engineering, Design, Analytics, Product management, Operations and Marketing to design and execute growth initiatives. As for responsibilities, the Growth Manager’s job has three core components: first, to define the company’s growth plan, second, to coordinate and execute growth programs, and third, to optimize the revenue funnel.


On that note, PwC’s Academy Sri Lanka will kick off 2019 with a unique high impact executive programme featuring world renowned scholar Prof. Mohanbir Sawhney of the Kellogg School of Management at the Northwestern University in the United States. This flagship programme is aimed at Senior Managers, Business Unit Heads, Growth Managers/Hackers, Country Heads as well as C-level Executives who could gain a better understanding on the role they can play in driving their companies into profitability in a global market scenario.


A well-known guru of modern marketing, organic growth and business innovation, Prof. Sawhney, is also a much sought after consultant, speaker and an award winning teacher who currently serves as the McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology, Clinical Professor of Marketing & Director of the Centre for Research in Technology and Innovation at the Kellogg School of Management.


During the two day programme, Prof. Sawhney will help participants understand the need to move away from an archaic mindset and focus on incorporating an innovative approach where growth comes from doing less and being better.


With the business world becoming more complex and challenging, and many local companies aspiring to take that all important leap towards going global, the programme is expected to be an important headway which will help senior executives including decision makers of organisations to develop an actionable, execution-focused blueprint which will allow them to unlock sustainable, profitable organic growth on a global scale, with double-digit growth in revenues and margins.


Prof. Sawhney is well reputed for conducting programmes including at the Kellogg School of Management which focuses primarily on increasing profitability by incorporating a market-tested framework that has delivered sustained double-digit growth in revenues and margins for major global brands.


Prof. Sawhney, has authored six management books and his most recent book, ‘Fewer, Bigger, Bolder: From Mindless Expansion to Focused Growth’, which he co-authored has received all round praise from movers and shakers of some of the world’s best brands including endorsements from CEOs of several Fortune 500 companies.


Sharing his views on Prof. Sawhney co-authored book ‘Fewer, Bigger, Bolder’, CEO of Unilever Paul Polman said, "A convincing account of the power of focus and a persuasive counter-argument to those who argue that growth is best achieved through a constant 'mindless' expansion into new areas.”


CEO, Kraft Foods Group, Inc Tony Vernon said that the book was "A breakthrough blueprint for growth, but even more importantly this book is about the transformational payback that comes from a consistent investment in the hearts and minds of your workforce."


Endorsing the book, Rita Griffin, COO of BP Lubricants & CMO of BP Group said, "Scale and scalability are important, but Mohan Sawhney and Sanjay Khosla challenge the corporate world’s relentless drive for growth. Instead, they encourage readers to consider an approach they’ve honed over many years: stick to business essentials, be integrated, clear and simple in purpose and develop sustainable advantage."


The two day programme is specially designed for senior executives responsible for growth of a business unit, geography, as well as senior managers charged with jumpstarting and leading growth in emerging markets, and also for business unit heads, country leads and functional leaders, as well as for C-level executives, division presidents and vice presidents and for senior R&D executives at large multinational companies.


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