Join the Immersive Revolution

There was the Industrial Revolution. Now there is the Immersive Revolution. 


On December 2nd and 3rd, PWC will be hosting an intense 2 day workshop that will give any enterprise the knowledge it needs to take advantage of the massive potential of immersive technology, whether that be for marketing, recruitment, training or cost reduction.

expert Jonathan Tustan will be hosting the event, bringing his many years of experience, from launching a headset company to consulting for blue-chip clients, to fast track delegates through the maze of technologies and their potential 

We will be analyzing the very latest industry results to understand the current and projected market potential for both consumers and enterprise. Delegates will receive a primer about the latest technologies and virtual world-building tools and learn about social VR - the ultimate way for people to remotely collaborate. 

We will explore how AR and VR can transform marketing and commerce, with case studies and results breakdowns.

During the practical session, we will see how powerful the Facebook Spark AR platform is for creating augmented reality campaigns, by creating and publishing an app within two hours.

Retailers can discover how VR is driving people back into physical stores with V-commerce and designing store layouts to increase spending.

Marketers will learn how AR campaigns can dramatically increase impressions, virality, and CTR for relatively low costs via Instagram and Snapchat.

Human resources departments will see how VR increases engagement and speed of results for L&D and training.

Trainers will get hands-on experience with immersive training solutions and learn how the technology can make people want to learn more.

Perhaps the most essential part of the workshop is to prepare for emerging technologies that will impact immersive technologies and applications.

5G, AI and the AR cloud will revolutionize how to access information, in the new world of spatial computing, location-based entertainment and online delivery.  Delegates will gain inside information about what is around the corner and how they can prepare for this exciting future.


For more information on the workshop, please contact Sheran Dunlas on 0773656655 or email

Subject area: Innovation