PwC’s Academy to conduct a Corporate Strategy Boot Camp aimed at Multi-Business organisations

The goal of most strategies is to build a lasting competitive advantage by establishing clever market positioning or assembling the right capabilities and competencies. Those that thrive reflect upon their previous actions and in doing so are quick to read and react to signals of change.

Most Sri Lankan companies have taken the initiative to expand their organizations into regional and in extension, global markets. As a result, strategic planning in these organizations have been given priority due to the significance it plays in carrying out the processes of expansion.

Businesses must view planning as an ongoing process and as such, should have a process in place for continually monitoring their environment and alerting the appropriate people to potential shocks which could be both internal and external. Just as the internal environment can shift causing organisations to revisit their planning efforts, so can the external environment. This rings true specifically, in the case of conglomerates. As the larger the organisation, the more complex their strategy planning would be, and the greater the repercussions of their actions.

PwC’s Academy Sri Lanka has recognized the necessity and importance for strategy planning and given these developments within the Sri Lankan business environment, we have organized a workshop tailored to any and all the strategic needs of most Sri Lankan organisations.

A unique opportunity for all organisations to enhance their strategy planning with teachings of an expert faculty specializing in the subject topic: an ideal mentor for your training experience with practical and theoretical knowledge of business strategies required for the successful execution of a strategy.

Prof Susan Lynch is an Adjunct Professor of Strategy at INSEAD. She has a Ph.D. in Strategic and International Management from London Business School and teaches courses in strategy and strategy implementation to MBAs and executives. Her research lies at the intersection of strategy implementation and organizational change.

Her more recent work considers how networks shape individual and organizational identity and affect the success of chosen strategies. Prior to commencing her Ph.D., Professor Lynch spent over 7 years as a management consultant with McKinsey & Company in New York and Sydney, consulting to multinational companies on issues of corporate and business unit strategy and organizational change.

Due to the complexity of the subject matter, the program will be taking place over the course of two days, on 09 & 10 May 2018.

It will be split into sessions where a topic is to be covered in each session along with a case study applicable to that topic.

This programme will bring local, regional and international cases including Apple, Walt Disney, LOLC Microcredit and more.


  • Apple Inc. - The Fall and Rise

The case study on Apple Inc. will examine how one of the most profitable computer companies in the world in the late 1980’s and 1990’s, fell into a slump soon after. The trainer will touch on the strategic efforts taken by its decision makers at the time revive this company and how it has progressed to being one of the largest multinational technology companies in the world, in particular, its sources of competitive advantage, its resources and its capabilities.

  • Walt Disney Co. – Maintaining and Dominating market presence

The case study on Walt Disney Company, will explore it has arguably been the most successful entertainment company in the world. In extension, the corporate scope from its international expansion to its range of businesses that have helped in sustaining this success

  • Reflective sessions – A chance to introspect your companies stratagem

Reflective sessions will also take place so that participants can have a group discussion on what they have learnt at the end of each day. In doing so, this will allow them to identify their own weaknesses and strengths and effectively set goals to strengthen their current corporate advantage.

  • LOLC Microcredit.

The programme will also cover the case study of LOLC Microcredit. The microfinance company within the LOLC group. Which has been serving the financial needs of the base of the pyramid through micro-leasing and group lending. A well-suited for teaching issues surrounding corporate social responsibility and creating shared value by integrating. This content offers a more localized, approachable, and comprehensive case for the participants to grasp.



Corporate Planning & Strategy Boot Camp, conducted by Prof Susan Lynch.

09 & 10 May 2018


Registration Ends on the 31 April 2018

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