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As the old rules of business are being dislocated, leaders need to focus on one crucial question: how do organizations stay relevant and significant in the 21st century?

Leadership in a Digital Age

Four dominant forces are reshaping our organisations and societies in the 21st century and creating massive shifts in the way we work and lead: global information flows, digital technology, socially created information and a new demographic that is driving mass collaboration and transparency. Together, these four forces are forcing business organisations to rethink their strategies for succeeding in a complex, global world in which information is a commodity and leadership can no longer be reliant on the hierarchical principles that were effective in the 20th century.

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Course Structure

Part A: Understanding the macro-economic and social factors that are dislocating the world

1. VUCA (volatility, uncertainty, complexity, ambiguity): what is going on and what are the massive shifts that are taking place?
2. How is your industry and your organisation being dislocated by the four forces of global information flows, digital technology, social information and millennial demographics?
3. What habits and biases do we need to watch for?
4. What are the challenges to 21th century leadership?

Part B: Shifting our thinking from reactive to mindful

1. How can we learn to think differently and lead in uncertainty?
2. How do we overcome the three traps we face as leaders: the need for comfort, validation, and safety?
3. How do we develop mindfulness as leaders?

Part C: Building our leadership resources

1. Inspiration as a leadership resource
2. Building a 21st century workplace: trust, soft power and innovation
3. Authenticity and purpose


The difference between normal seminars I have attended and this is the practicality of it and being able to take something home and start doing things in our workplace, we can really use it with immediate effect rather than trying to connect what we learnt to reality.

Niranjan Mendis- Chairman- Dellogistics

The whole program, it was about hitting you with the message of what you are really trying to find and I think it comes from the expertise and exposure that he has and I found it really useful.

Yaasir Nizam- CEO- EZY Corporation

This programme was quite interesting and it gives a totally different perspective on leadership and how we look at things. I enjoyed completely the whole day because it gives me sense of purpose and it is why I came here. I think we should do more of these programs. It was a great program.

Chandika P. Vitharana- Senior General Manager- Sales & Chanel Development- Mobitel Pvt. Ltd.

Overall it was a great program, especially as he was trying to teach different leadership styles and practical aspects and how we have conversations with our teams and what actions do we take with the team. He also taught us on how to be self-ware, it covered the whole aspects of leadership. Very inspirational stories. Enjoyed it all the way.

Dr. Mahesha Ranasoma – Managing Director Dipped Products PLC

Firstly let me thank PwC’s Academy for an awesome three days of insights on leadership. It’s true that we all know what strategic leadership is all about, but the trainer was so amazing, he managed to bring in insights which we have not harnessed as of now. Thank you so much PwC’s Academy. Looking forward for many more programs

Nilanka Jayasinghe - Head of Capital Markets - Millenium IT

It was truly amazing exposure about leadership skills. We didn’t actually feel that we were here for three days. A lot of international examples with the views of the participants which gave a lot of insights. This opportunity also enables us to think deeper on leadership, which we don’t pay much attention to at work. So this has basically enlightened us to look at the broader picture while giving more emphasis

Tharanga Gunawardena - General Manager – Mercedes Benz Passenger Car Workshop - DIMO

This training was very enlightening and entertaining at the same time. It was very interactive and thought provoking it gave a new perspective especially for senior managers who get busy with day to day operations at work. Training of this type really enriches their management styles. I am so glad to be part of this session. The trainer was excellent.



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