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Towards a user-centered, innovative and agile organization

Design Thinking & Innovation

Design Thinking is a systematic, human-centered approach to solving complex problems across all sectors. It approaches problems from a human perspective, with the objective of designing innovative and desirable products, services or experiences. Unlike traditional scientific and engineering approaches, which address a task from the view of technical solvability, user needs and requirements as well as user-oriented innovation are central to the process.

This approach calls for continuous feedback between the developer of a solution and the target users. Solutions and ideas are concretized and communicated via prototypes as early as possible, so that potential users can test them and provide feedback (build-measure-learn cycle) – long before the completion or launch. In this way, Design Thinking generates practical results and validated learnings


This program that will allow participants to experience, learn and apply the Design Thinking method and derive concrete learnings and applicable principles to their organization. It will establish an agile and collaborative mindset, culture and working routines adapted to 21st century business needs

Learning Outcomes

  • Participants will learn about urgency, case studies, pitfalls, implementation strategies & organizational hacks
  • Participants will experience, learn and reflect upon the Design Thinking process
  • Participants will relate it to their organization and derive implementation strategies
  • Participants will work in cross-functional, diverse teams and learn collaborative team work
  • Participants will learn methods for user-centricity
  • Participants will learn about how to change the mindset and culture of their organization
  • Participants will learn the potential and limits of Design Thinking as well as the link to other agile and traditional approaches


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Previous Workshop Highlights

Course Structure

Target Audience

Senior Managers, BU heads, leaders and CxOs interested in approaching Design Thinking, Cross Functional Teams for Open Programs. 

For the decision makers in any organization, customized sessions could be conducted.


It was an excellent workshop, I have been to many other workshops, and this is the first time I experienced such programme that was highly structured, focused and where the content was amazing. The presentation was also engaging with the audience always.

This workshop taught how to be customer focused. Coming from technological background, we look at technological aspect first and then we lose the customer. So today listening to the session we solved customer issues by back tracking to it through Design Thinking.

Calvin Hindle – Business Consultant – MilleniumIT ESP

The workshop was excellent. By far the best workshop I have been to. I really enjoyed the structure of the content and Dr Arndt was great in presenting it. Good mix of practical work theories and exercises.

Best part of the programme was the practicality, I clearly see things what can I implement back at work place I learned out of the workshop without much of an effort. Key take away for me is how structured the brain storming sessions could be even managing a project. Breaking that in to equal parts of set amount of time periods, helps to move along the process which doesn’t make you stuck in one phase of a problem or a project.

Suresh Sujan – Director BFSI Solution & Special Projects – ZILLIONe Holdings

The program was very practical. Simple and it structured the basics. That helped the participants to engage in the program a lot. The syndicate group work action learning was great. The examples were very relevant. So were the case studies.

The trainers connected to the participants well. Key take back for me was practicality of the tools we used, we could take back them and work in the organization. Areas like the decision dash and idea napkin is something great.

Chiranthi Cooray - Chief Transformation Officer – Hatton National Bank

Workshop was very informative and learned quite a lot of things. Could share the knowledge with the team mates. Looking forward to implementing the learnings in future activities of the organization. Whole course content is something of great value that I could implement the work I do at Brandix.

Melanie Grey – Senior Designer – Brandix


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